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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reverse bang?
A reverse bang is the opposite of a big bang. Instead of authors writing fanfiction and artists making art for that fic, it goes the other way around. The artists create art and the authors get to choose a piece of art to create fan fiction for.

How do I sign up?
When sign-ups start, two sign up posts will go up. One for authors, and one for artists.

~Artist Requirements~

What are the requirements for art?
Artists are expected to make at least one new piece of art: a drawing, digital manip, or fanvid. Art must be at least 500 by 600 pixels in size, videos must be at least one minute in length. Fanmixes need to be at least 8 tracks and cover and back art (minimum size for those are 500x500px). A download link for the mix needs to be included when the mix is turned in, that link will not be in the claims post but will be given to the author that claims it.

For this reverse bang, artists are allowed to make only two separate art prompts -- we want to make sure that everyone's art gets claimed. This may be subject to change, depending on how many artists and authors we get.

This means separate art prompts, for one prompt you can make as many pieces as you want. If you make multiple pieces for one prompt please put it all together on a collage when you turn it in.

Can I create a crossover or fusion piece?
At this time we are not going to allow crossovers but fusions are allowed (fusions have the characters of one fandom replace the characters of another, for example Toews the Vampire Slayer).

What happens if the number of authors doesn't match up with the number of artists?
We will do several rounds of claiming so that EVERY piece of art has a fic in the event that the art pieces outnumber fan fiction writers. If it's the other way, we may open up the pieces of art so that more than one fic writer is assigned to the same piece of art. Either way, everyone who wants to participate will get to participate.

Will my art be archived anywhere?
The mods will upload all art to a TinyPic album in order to post claims and for authors to view before they make a claim but that is the only place we will be putting the art. At any time after the challenge is ended the artist can request for their art to be removed from the album.

Artists will be responsible for where they decided to upload and post the final version of their art.

eta 6/10/2013: Is podfic allowed as an art form?
Yes. You may create a podfic - it could be an open dialogue, or some sort of more freedom audio piece, or just write and podfic a short story yourself - whatever floats your boat. This will be the artwork on which an author will base a longer story.
The minimum length requirement for an audio piece is 2 minutes.

~Writing Requirements~

What type of requirements are there for a fic?
You will be expected to write a completed fic with a minimum of 5,000 words, based on the prompt you choose in the Art Claims post. Claims will be first come, first serve. You will need to get your fic beta'd.

How do I know what art I'm writing for? / How do I make a claim?
When the artists turn in their rough drafts, we'll make a claims post. In this post we'll include the a preview of their work, as well as any warnings the artist gives and the artists' preferred pairings - artists can also include any squicks/dislikes they have and would not like to see in a story written for their art.  You can choose which piece of art you'd like to create a fic for, and then that person's art will get crossed off the list.

I've already been writing a fic - can I use that one?
No. The fic you write must be based around the art you choose, using that as your prompt.

What genres/warnings are allowed?
You may write/create art for whichever genre of fic you choose, as well as any rating as long as your artist is comfortable with it. Remember, you're creating the fic around the art and the artist. Make sure to stay in contact with the artist in order to collaborate with them.

Can I write with someone else?
Yes, you can.

Will my fic be archived anywhere?
No, where the story is posted will be up to the author. We do encourage authors to post their stories to Archive of Our Own. A collection will be set up there for reverse bang fics.

What's a checkpoint?
They're something to give you a feel on where a typical artist and/or author should or could be at in their creation process. They're used for encouragement and motivation only. The last one (for authors) is mandatory and for us to determine what art pieces we need to find pinch hitters for. Any author who does not check in then (or if they can't make it lets us know why) will be dropped from the challenge and a pinch hitter assigned to the art prompt. Authors will be given a full week to check in.

What if I need an extension?
We will be granting extensions on a case-by-case basis for rough drafts as long as your final fic or art is in by the due date. We would hope, however, that you use the checkpoints and all your available creating and writing time to its fullest.

~Posting Requirements~

Who will be posting to the community?
That is to be decided among the artist and author team.

What types of requirements are there for me to post my art?
A preview of the art (no larger than 400x400px) should be posted to the community, along with a summary and links to the full version of the art and the accompanying fic. You can link back to your own LJ, DeviantArt, DW, etc. so long as your post remains unlocked.

We ask that you post with the following information included: (this includes warnings)

Can I post it to my journal a few days early to show my friends?
No, the first time you post this must be on your reveal day. You can show it to select friends for advice before that.

Where can I upload my art?
There are several free resources such as Sendspace, or Mediafire that can be used for large files. Tinypic is recommended for images or .gif files, along with Photobucket and Imgur.

How will I contact my artist/author?
We will provide an author with contact information once they are committed to an artist. From there it is up to the author to communicate with the artist and create a story that would fit the art.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask them below or contact a mod: eiirene or hipchecked or email hockeyreversebangmod(at)gmail(dot)com
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