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Hockey reverse big bang's posting schedule

Here is the posting schedule. Posting will start on March 23rd and run until 6th of April. Please check below and make sure you know when you are posting and make arrangements with your partner.

Posting instructions will be coming up shortly.

Sunday, March 23rd

zortified & scarlett_o
speakingwosound & azurejay

Monday, March 24th

anglerfishface & hipchecked
aohatsu & tanpopo03

Tuesday, March 25th

frosting50 & jukeboxghost
bullwolf & rinnia

Wednesday, March 26th

midnightrambles & eiirene
oflights & smoke_and_oakum

Thursday, March 27th

cametosmash & ceares
taliahale & azurejay

Friday, March 28th

accidentallymel & antismiles
halfeatenmoon & masterpenguin82

Saturday, March 29th

kinetikatrue & colourmeshocked
jengeorge & rinnia

Sunday, March 30th

thisissirius & eiirene
joyfulseeker & ad_astra_03 & wistful_joy

Monday, March 31st

romi_reinvented & antismiles
ingenius_inc & jukeboxghost

Tuesday, April 1st

7iris & helenorvana
sinsense & princesssid

Wednesday, April 2nd

tu_es_mi_amour & masterpenguin82
hollyandvice & ceares

Thursday, April 3rd

sadwal1538 & colourmeshocked
delicatale & hipchecked

Friday, April 4th

sadwal1538 & eiirene
speakingwosound & ad_astra_03 & wistful_joy
cametosmash & antismiles

Saturday, April 5th

mentalistecbm & rinnia
romi_reinvented & smoke_and_oakum
dancinbutterfly & helenorvana

Sunday, April 6th

pikasafire & sadwal1538
abrokencompass & hipchecked
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